Welcome to New Beginning Covenant

New Beginning Covenant offers everyone a new beginning through Christ, believing no one is too lost to be saved. With a location in West Dallas and many members living or raised in the area, NBCM has a pulse on the surrounding community, whether feeding the homeless or giving back to those in need in another way. NBCM’s ministries include a worship and fine arts ministry, mission and women ministry, men’s ministry, and youth ministry. The church has also developed educational programs offering after-school tutoring to youth, and NBCM has streamlined its classes to help adults find better jobs. A partnership with WorldVision and relationships with Naier and Good360 have expanded the reach of NBCM beyond its local community.

Traditional Worship

December 21, 2017 8:39 am

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Assemble a body of kingdom believers by inspiring a true love for God in the hearts, minds and souls of our community. Enhance the spiritual growth of the believers to share Christ to a dying world. Thus,

  • 21December
    8:39 am
    Traditional Worship

  • 28December
    8:39 am
    Traditional Worship

  • 1January
    11:46 am
    Wednesday Teaching Time

  • 4January
    8:39 am
    Traditional Worship