About Us

 New Beginning Covenant Ministry (NBCM) is nonprofit church located in West Dallas, Texas diligently seeking to make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. Our purpose is to empower you to live out God’s purpose for your life. We strive to offer everyone a new beginning through Christ, believing no one is too lost to be saved. 

With many of our members living or having been raised in the West Dallas area, NBCM focuses the vast of its ministry on giving back to the community. In partnership with World Vision, NBCM is active in community relations, feeding and clothing the homeless and families in need. NBCM’s ministries also include a worship and fine arts ministry, women ministry, men’s ministry, and youth ministry. 

 The organization’s leadership team provides spiritual advice to all the ministries of its church. NBCM also enlists deacons to assist the Pastor, Assistant Pastors and Associate Ministers in praise and worship while ministering to those who enter the church for all services and functions. Each member of the leadership team also plays an active role in coordinating NBCM events.